Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Madam, we'll remember you

Thank you teacher for helping us
to learn what we need to know
we'll remember you
no matter where we go.
Thank you teacher for being

so nice, kind and good
we like you so much..teacher,
we'd stay here if we could!
may Allah blees you...


Thanks a lot to madam Hasni...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Madam...I like very much to learn English...especially with Madam Hasni...She is a very nice and sweet lecture...I hope I get execelent in my exam...especially in Foundation English...Thank You so much Madam...Thanks...


Announcement!! Announcement To All My Friends!!

Exam is coming now...Hurry up!!! Study!!
I hope All of you get success in your exam... and for me too...

Our Drama...

Drama Competition in Foundation English is a very fun and nice an idea... from the drama Ican try to speak english...I'm very happy with it...thanks for all my drama group the title "FISHERMAN AND THE GIANT"

English is Fun and EngliSh is hAppY

Good morning to all my beloved friends. Tomorrow, we have Foundation Examination. So, i hope we can achieve the best achievement for this subject because so many skills that we had done learnt.

Besides that, i also want to say tq to Madam Hasni for her comitment and attention to us. I was very happy with Madam Hasni's class and i love English very well right now. I also like with Madam Hasni's style to teach us. She is a caring, always smile and soft spoken. I like her very much.

Last but not least, i'll pray for our success in Final Exam and wish you all, do the best and among the best. Study smart and pray hard.

Lastly, don't worry about English. Happy go lucky. All the best to all of you and sorry for everything. See you again. Hehe.

GooD LuCk tO aLL my beLovEd fRiENds

just for reading..

hOw tO imPrOve yOur vOcaBuLRy

1. Vocabulary trees
2. Create vocabulary themes
3. Use technonogy to help you
4. Specific vocabulary list
5. Word formation charts
6. Visual dictionary
7. Learn collocation
8. Use a corpus

To all my friends, i hope we had improve our English after 4 months learnt English Foundation with our loving lecturer..Madam Hasni..(",)

How tO imPrOve yOur EngLish

1. Remember that learning English is a gradual process. It doesn't happen overnight.
2.Define your learning objective early. What do you want to learn and why?
3. Make learning a habit
4. Remember to make learning to habit.
5. Choose your material well.
6. Vary your learning routine
7. Find friends to study and speak with
8. Choose reading and listening materials that relate to what you are interested in.
9. Relate grammer to practical usage
10. Move your mouth.
11. Be patient with yourself
12. Communicate
13. Use the Internet

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Forever Friend

On my own, but mostly the savannah,
Where the tumbleweeds fade away and die,
Before the glassy sun burns a summer of crystals,
The glistering waters of the high seas
Of which was so far a place as of where vultures roam.
I looked around but you weren't anywhere...
You used to say that you would never die,
But I took the wrong meaning into my heart.
Now the sea is wild with despair,
Deep blue like a prairie of flowers blue,
Where all children of God rest in eternal peace.
I saw you at the end,
You and I, brother and sister of nature,
Brother and sister of heaven and earth,
Your usually calm and heavenly eyes full of tears,
Bitterly falling one after one into a river,
Then the river of life turned red in blood.
My eyes watched in horror.
Slowly and deadly your heart became poisoned,
You disappeared without saying good-bye,
Not a word came out of your mouth.
You became like desolation in its grave.
When once the skies were a realm of stars
And the sun shone brightly in summer skies,
You were there to share the calmness;
But now I stand here in midst of the tall grass
And only the savannah remains.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009


  • Be good to yourself.
    • Keep physically fit and rested.
  • Attitude is all-important.
    • Use positive affirmations: "I can pass American History."
    • Provide your own psychological edge, be it a positive attitude or a "lucky pen."
  • Be a chronic enthusiast!
  • Used textbooks may provide insights on a course.
  • Sit in the front row;
    • if you must sit toward the back of the room, lean forward.
    • Attentiveness and concentration increase markedly.
  • Don't miss the first and last minutes of class.
    • They are crucial — important announcements, questions on test, etc.
  • Use a variety of study techniques. 
    • a. Tape chapters (find out if your textbook has companion pod cast chapters). Listen on way to school, work. 
    • b. Use index cards for quick review.
    • Keep them simple. Throw your highlighter away!
    • Remember: frequent review takes facts from short-term memory to long-term memory — learning as opposed to cramming.
  • Study in short bursts.
    • (First and last facts are remembered best; therefore, it will accelerate learning.)
  • Review notes immediately after class.
    • Even for five minutes.
    • Something magical happens!
  • Review your notes out loud.
    • Read your chapters out loud.
  • Appearance raises grades.
    • Neatness counts.
    • Word processors are a plus.
    • If a handwritte assignment is acceptable, use erasable pen.
  • Don't waste time rereading.
    • Rely on "pen in hand" and SQ3R.
  • Test professors before they test you.
    • Ask questions about what kind of test to expect,
    • what material will be covered.
  • Become an expert test taker.
  • Go with initial hunches.
  • Stay with initial hunches. 
  • Study according to your biological clock.
    • Are you "normal," a night owl, or an early bird?
  • Eliminate stress in your life.
  • EXERCISE is the best antidote.
  • Make extra credit mandatory.
  • Never miss a class.
    • This is considered mandatory by "A" students.
  • Be prepared to bail out.
    • Don't be afraid to drop a course that is not working for you., BUT be aware of all official dates to withdraw and any vital state legislative restrictions ( Texas has a limit on total number of W hours.)
  • Volunteer to edit a friend's paper.
    • Use it as a learning experience.
  • Study smart—not hard!
  • Time management skills and discipline pay off.
  • Stay mentally, physically and spiritually fit. 

Adapted from the video "Where There is a Will, There is an A" by Professor Claude Olney

Friday, April 17, 2009


Monday, April 13, 2009

hello my friends....

How are you todoy?
I hope all of you fine..
I am about your study?
I hope everything its ok..
Good luck to you all in exam soon.
I looked and read many tips that sent by our friends to this blog
about how to success in exam and how to manage the time in exam season.
If you think the tips suitable for you, follow it k..
but..must remember...don't forget to pray to God..
May God bless you all..
1 The word "queue" is the only word in the English language that is still pronounced the same way when the last four letters are removed.
2 Of all the words in the English language, the word 'set' has the most definitions!
3 Beetles taste like apples, wasps like pine nuts, and worms like fried bacon.
4 Right handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people
5 "Almost" is the longest word in the English language with all the letters in alphabetical order.
6 "Rhythm" is the longest English word without a vowel.
7 The elephant is the only mammal that can't jump!
8 A cockroach can live several weeks with its head cut off!
9 Like fingerprints, everyone's tongue print is different
10 Months that begin on a Sunday will always have a "Friday the 13th."
Problems in studies or exam? Check it out...

1. Find your own deep and compelling reason to successfully learn your subject and pass your exams.
2. Plan your time to include study, revision and social commitments - a balance of having fun, taking breaks and studying is vital.
3. Use multi-coloured Mind Maps?for your notes.
4. Review your notes regularly to reinforce your new-found knowledge.
5. Swiftly skim through your text books and course material before you read them in depth to give you an overview of your subject.
6. Learn how to remember lists of things by linking each item to a location on a journey or route you are familiar with around your town. You could even use your own home.
7. Before you do any revision, warm up by doing some gentle exercise to relieve any tension in your body and to get a rush of healthy oxygen flowing to your brain.
8. Do past papers under thorough exam conditions as often as possible to familiarise yourself with the format and the pressures of working under exam conditions.
9. In an exam, make sure you read the question completely and fully understand what the examiner wants before you allocate your time and begin answering the questions.
10. If you are faced with a mental block breathe deeply, relax and ask yourself "If I did know the answer to this question, what would it be?"

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Assalamualaikum and hello to my teacher and my friends

I'm very nervous about my exam. I don't prepare about study because I'm busy with my assignment. I don't know when my assignment can finish. I'm so worried about that. But now I'm continue to finish my assignment. I must finish my assignment quickly.........

Here, I hope you all to advice me How to organise my time to study for final exam....


I crossed the road slowly,
a car cames to me quickly,
I fall down in the road suddenly,
my parents turned and walked away nervously,
an ambulance took me urgently,
a doctor treated me carefully,
Gradually I feel in good finely.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

How To Study Effectively

This list is perfect for those who want to know the best way to cram for an exam. Check this out:
1-Eat Frequent Small Meals .
Avoid eating a big meal before a study session. Too much food will send your body into a ‘rest’ mode. On the other hand, don’t starve yourself either. Frequent small meals are best.

2-Study When You’re Sharpest.
Study according to your body-clock. Are you sharpest in the morning or at the evening? Schedule your most difficult materials when you are mentally at your best, and schedule the easier ones when you are mentally less efficient.

3-Drink Water Often.
Drink plenty of water during a study session, especially when you feel sluggish. Caffeine may help you to stay awake, but it can increase your anxiety - use it in moderation.

4-Don’t Get Too Comfortable in Your Chair.
Choose a chair that supports your back. It should be comfortable, but not too comfortable. Just like an athlete during a performance, your body should be relaxed, so that all your energy goes to where it matters - your brain.

5-Clear Your Desk of Everything You Don’t Need.
Have everything you need on the desk. Put away what you do not need for the study session. Seeing reminders of other assessments or domestic bills may increase your anxiety and distract you.

6-Take Breaks Every Hour.
It is important to take a break before you feel tired and lose your concentration completely. Regular breaks at least once an hour helps to sustain your concentration. If the work is not going too well and you have difficulties in concentrating, you may need a long break and go back to it later

7-Stretch During Your Breaks.
Know and respect your concentration span which will vary from hour to hour and from day to day. When you sit for long periods, gravity draws the blood to the lower part of your body. When you take a break, take a few deep breaths and get more oxygen to your brain: try walking around and doing some light stretching for a few minutes. It will help to release tension in your body, and help your circulation.

8-Study at the Same Time, same place.
Study at the same tima and same place, devoted to study only. This helps you to associate the time and place with studying and concentrating. You will find that you get into a habit of studying as soon as you sit down

Tips For Exam - How To Score 100%

There are some tips for the students:

1:- Read the board question paper: Don’t start your paper just after receiving it, first read it carefully, give little time.

2:-Random or Sequence: Some students attempts paper serial wise, its good but if you don’t know a particular question don’t attempt it and mark that one with it as un attempted. It is advised to attempt only those in which you are more confident. This will not only save your time but also make you confident and minimize your stress as well.

3:-There would be some students who are still not feeling confident; those students are advised to try to find out the main root of your problem before the examination. Why are you not confident and try to solve that?

4:-In case of too much stress the best and simple solution is to shut down your eyes and take deep breaths.

5:-Don’t waste your time in solving repeated questions and use your time effectively.

6:-Try to take balanced diet and avoid UN healthy food.

7:-Those who are already tense and in taking too much stress should not cut down their sleep. As healthy Body, healthy mind

8:-Don’t fear: don’t fear with exams rather, board exams are not different; these are just like your school exams. Just do your best and don’t worry for your results. Prepare for the next without worrying for the past one.

9:-Exercises and yoga: there are some yoga exercises for those who are tense and taking stress. Students should practice these yoga exercises to deal with this problem.

10:-Check your Examination material: before leaving for the exam check for all your important things like pen, pencil, board roll number etc.

11:-Planning: proper planning is required for the board examination to score 100%. So plane it before the examination.


Good luckm in final exam

Dapatkan Mesej Bergambar di Sini

Friday, April 10, 2009

exam technique.

Try to get a good night’s sleep. Avoid last minute cramming the night before: it’s usually ineffective, adds to your nervousness, and will result in you waking up feeling tired. sleep early..

Make sure that you have everything you need for the exam: spare pen, pencil, etc., a fresh battery in your calculator, any materials for a seen/open book exam, a watch. . and other.

Try to see the main points of each topic as a whole first before delving into the detail. Details are easier to remember if you understand how they fit into the larger framework.
Review the material by reciting, from memory, orally, mentally or by writing your answers.

If dont understand,
Try to discuss the main points in one topic with a friend.
Try to look at copies of previous exams, which may be available in the library.

Do practice questions of the type that you will be writing - within the time limit of the actual exam.

For essay exams, practice organizing answers into a quick, short outline of the main points..focus the exam. THATS ALL.. HOPE DO THE BEST..


finally 3 years of struggles come to an end soon.
finally all my effort, sleepless nights, and sacrifices coming to a conclusion.
finally i can live my life like a normal again

wish me luck for my final examination.
i hope i can pass
then i will attend my convocation ceremony in both august.
can't wait for the moment
i can finally call myself a UKM graduate.

Tips to learn english

Ø Read as much as you can, not just for the exam,
but for your own enrichment and enjoyment.
Ø Speak English as much as you can.
Ø Get involved in English based activities


hai my friends..... about your drama yesterday?
Did you enjoy it? I enjoy it..All the group presented their drama in the best action.
Maybe one day you all can be an actor or actress..who knows?=)
Don't forget our memories in foundation english class set 2..
We have Madam Nor Hasni who is the best, sporting and lovely lecturer.
We love you madam..please pray for our success in exam specially and our life generally.

My friends....

Now, you all must get ready to our final exam soon...We all can do it..
The most important thing is...STUDY SMART...
and also..don't forget to pray...
BEST OF LUCK to you all my friends...
I'm sorry if I do any fault to you all...
Thanks a lot for everything...
- keep me fresh in your mind -

e@sy way 2 #EL9 u MEmOR1ze

If u sometime find urself unable to memorize something, why not try to sing it?
I mean, u can replace the lyrics of any song with the terms or phrases u need to memorize.
The song needs not to be complicated, it can be a simple rhytme, ur favorite song or an easy rap.


Today, my class present the drama. my drama about the fisherman and the giant. My character is the poor fisherman. The fisherman became to a rich man went he meet a giant in the old jar. But, lastly the fisherman was cursing became to be a snake because he attack three condition. Sad ending.. Friends, don`t greed. Thankful for what we get. That all thank you.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Learn more about english

My experience at foundation english’s class is very good. I have learnt so many things that I cannot expect to learn more about english in so short a time. I would recommend others to join the class . This is definitely a very good subject.”
Before I come to the class, I could not well in English. I was more comfortable speaking in Malay. After just 1 months, I learnt how to pronounce well and understand the sounds of letters. I can now speak English much better and is improving everyday. The English programme here is very good.


The best lecture I have ever had was probably my english teacher I have now in final year. Her name is Madam Nor Hasni Bt Mokhtar! She teaches Foundation English.She is the most thoughtful person in whole world! She only does things that help her students!

Her lessons were extremely interesting, efficient and absolutely fascinating. She always practiced what she preached: her methods of teaching us demonstrated the desirable teaching methods for our use. Her lovely personality also contributed to the success of her teaching and lessons. She made every student feel like one of her own. Having her as a teacher was a blessing! I wish her all the best.

assalamualaikum n hello all my friendsss....


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Follow the evidence, wherever it leads..............
think about it....
u can find the many answers...


good luck for drama and final too.
study smart not study hard.

Time Management

First of all, my most important advice is to be really strict with your timing. In any exam you should allocate your time to be commensurate with the available marks. This is a two hour exam, and two parts are worth roughly equaly marks. Therefore you should spend an hour on each. Part A has four questions - therefore you should spend 15 minutes on each question. Even if you know a lot about one of those topics, it is crazy to spend more time on that because the maximum number of marks that you could get for any one question is 12. Even if you put down 50 correct points about GIF files, you would still only get 12 marks for that question. The essay in part B is worth over half of the marks for the exam, so make sure that you spend the full hour on that question.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Life is a game,
A game of chess,
If you make a wrong move,
Your winning chances are less.
Life is so precious,
Life is so beautiful,
Life is a real game,
So make winning your aim.

love vs marriage

Before marriage:-
He:yes! i'v been waiting for this moment.
She:do you want to leave me?
He:Oh no! Dun even think about it!
She:Do you love me?
He:Of course! Over n over..
She:Have you ever Cheated on me?
He:No! why are you even asking that?
She:Will you kiss me?
He:Every chance i get.
She: Will you hit me?
He: Are you crazy? im not that kind of person
She:Can i trust you?
He: yes.
She: Darling

After marriage:-
Just read it from bottom ti top.....

Monday, April 6, 2009


1. Use your revision time effectively. Prepare a revision time table.
2. When is your energy level the highest. This is the time to tackle the difficult bits.
3. Do not postpone the difficult topics.
4. Attend to routine things like tidying up, at low energy times of the day.
5. Do not just read. Make notes. In fact summarizing and condensing notes focuses your mind.
6. Discuss topics, after having revised them, with your classmates.
7. Use diagrammatic representation where ever possible. You may find this easier to retain.
8. Take a 5 minutes break after every 40 minutes (Certainly after an hour!).
9. Take a longer break after every 3 hours of study.
10. Eat well.
11. Play some game when you find time. This helps you relax.
12. Do your best during the revision.
13. On the examination day, do not worry, even if you feel that you remember nothing! Give it your best shot, you will be able to recall once the questions are in front of you.
14. Answer all questions. Ensure that you plan your time well during the examination.

Sunday, April 5, 2009



We want out for a meal last Saturday,
Unfortunately,it began to rain,
Fortunately,we went to there with my sister's car,
Unfortunately,it's closed,
Fortunately,many shops are there.

There was a really good film on TV last night,
Unfortunately,it began to finish of electric,
Fortunately,I had a candle,
Unfortunately,it's small,
Fortunately,my friend comes to my home and she brought a torchlight

Saturday, April 4, 2009


They came for me so slowly,

They looked at me nervously,

It's because they seen tragically accident,

So, we must drive carefully.


We went out for a meal last Saturday.

Unfortunately, there was raining heavily.

Fortunately, we have an umbrella.

Unfortunately, my best friends can't join us.

Fortunately, we are already promise to go out together next time.


There was a really a good film on TV last night.

Unfortunately, there was raining heavily.

Fortunately, after a short while, the raining was stopped.

Unfortunately, while my family and I was enjoying with the film, suddenly the electric was off, we are very disappointed.

Fortunately, after a short while, the electric was on again


It was my birthday last week.

Unfortunately, my beloved family forget my birthday. I'm very sad.

Fortunately, one of my best friends wish birthday for me. I'm very happy.

Unfortunately, I'm very sad because nobody give present for me.

Fortunately, my family pretented forget my birthday and they are also planning to celebrate my birthday with my beloved grandmother in hometown.


Thank you, skillful teacher,
For teaching me to be
A stronger, smarter person,

Thank you, favourite teacher
For acting like a friend,
And taking time to show me,
Lessons hard to comprehend.

Thank you for your caring
And lots of other stuff;
For all the things you gave me,
I can’t thank you enough.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Monday, March 30, 2009

The God so kind,
He bestowed us pleasure,
Always forgive our mistakes,
Always besides us we,
Happy or sad,
THANK YOU ALLAH.... are you?.
Have you prepared well for the coming examination?.
I'm haven't .
I hope we can finish the scrap book.
So that we can focus for drama.
Whatever it is do the best in exam.

hello.................. this all my friends at Aminuddin Baki, We were waiting other friend to go the dinner college. There from other country and faculty, but there all very kind. I always go to thier room and very interesting when we eat and discuse some thing together.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good Luck in your exam!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Crazy Head

One midnight, I had stomach-ache. I went to the toilet nearest to my dorm. As I reached the toilet, I heard a strange sound and saw a 'head' rolling over in front of me. I was so shocked and scared. Apparently, I realized it was just the tap that fell of its place.


good luck to you all for speech tomorow.......

Friday, March 20, 2009

One day, Jack met the doctor because he swallowed the coin last week.

Doctor: Why you come to see me today not last week?

Jack : Because I wasn't feel the pain last week.

Doctor: How about today? Are you sick?

Jack : No.

Doctor: I know you want me to take out the coin from your body.

Jack : Yes, I want to use the coin today.


Goodluck 4 coming exam....all the best!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hello friends................ How are you today? How about your study? Are you ready for final exam. I hope you all can do it the best. I`m here will pray for you..

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Don't be sad

I'm very sleepy and I want to sleep.
Don't worry because I can wake up again.

Oh no! I'm boring now.

Don't worry.

We're here.

Sorry, I don't like twin.

Very cruel and bad kitten.

Hello! Can I play with both of you?

Of course!

Wait! I want to play together.

Good! We are friends forever.

Moral Value:
1. Don't choose friend in relationship like religion, race or physical.
2. The behavior like sincerity, loving, caring and helping importance in relationship.
3.We should happy in our life although somebody don't like you.


Friday, March 13, 2009


"We are never too old to learn,

Never too young to die,

Follow the step of ulama' to learn,

And the step of Syuhada' to die......."


Monday, March 9, 2009


Memories are life experiences
hardship, sadness and happiness is part of it
memories are kept it our mind
no matter what it still there on our mind
some memories are sweet some are not
memories is our life journey
every step we take is part of our memory memories
are beautiful event happening in our life
its like our mini movie...


I went for a walk in the park on Sunday.

Unfortunately, my friend didn't come.

Fortunately, I saw a public telephone.

Unfortunately, I can't call her because the telephone was broken.

It was my birthday last week.

Unfortunately, I forgot my birthday.

Fortunately, my mum remind to me.

Unfortunately, I haven't a money to make a party.

Fortunately, my mum support my party.
I went for a walk in the park on Sunday.
Unfortunately, I fell down into a hole.
Fortunately, someone helped me.
Unfortunately, he took my purse.
Fortunately, a policeman came around and I shouted for help.
Unfortunately, the thief ran away.
Fortunately, the policeman got the thief after 10 minutes and I got back my purse.

It was my birthday last week.
Unfortunately, none of my friends wished to me.
Fortunately, my family celebrated my birthday.
Unfortunately, I got food poisoning.
Fortunately, I met a doctor and he still single.
Unfortunately, he was a gay.
Fortunately, I met someone better than him.

We went out for a meal last Saturday.
Unfortunately, I met my exboyfriend.
Fortunately, he still loved me.
Unfortunately, have one ladies besides him and looked so happy.
Fortunately, she is his sister.
Unfortunately, his sister doesn't like me.
Fortunately, he can console his sister to accept me.

There was a really good film on TV last night.
Unfortunately, it started too late and I'm scared.
Fortunately, my sister want to watched it too.
Unfortunately, our parents not allowed us to sleep too late.
Fortunately, tomorrow is school holiday.
Unfortunately, my TV was damaged.
Fortunately, we have two TV, so we can watched the film.

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Tragedy

I saw the accident tragically,
My body became nervously,
I called the hospital quietly,
The ambulance came urgently,
The traffic moved slowly,
Then I drove my car carefully.
We went for a meal last Saturday.
Unfortunately,I forgot to bring my wallet.
Fortunately, my friend brought his money.
Unfortunately,the money is not enough to buy the food.
Fortunately,the more money in my pocket and we could bought the food.

There was a really good film on TV last night.
Unfortunately my television going off.
Fortunately,I could saw the film at my neighbour house.
Unfortunately,my neighbour was not at his home.
Fortunately,I have a laptop to see this film in the internet.


I went for a walk in the park on Sunday.
Unfortunately,my bag was robbed by the robber.
Fortunately, a man saw the incident and he chase the robber.
Unfortunately,the man falled.
Fortunately,he could catched the robber and got my bag.
Unfortunately,the robber ran away.
Fortunately,i got my bag and I said thank you to the man.

It was my birthday last week.
Unfortunately my dad not with me to celebrate my birthday.
Fortunately my mum and friend could celebarate with me.
Unfortunately,they did not gave mt the present.
Fortunately,my father gave me the big present that I liked.

Friday, February 20, 2009


I went for a walk in the park on Sunday,

unfortunately,my shoes was broken,

Fortunately,it's happens near the shoes shop,

Unfortunately,the shop closed!

Fortunately,i met a friend with his car,
Text Color
Unfortunately,the way,to buy shoes his tyre's car was leak


It was my birthday last week,

Unfortunately,i'm not remember,

Fortunately,my family remind to me,

Unfortunately,i'm was studied,

Fortunately,my family posted a present to me.hehe..,

Unfortunately,it's not delivered,

Fortunately,my roomate give a present for me..
It was my birthday last week
unfortunately, it began to rain
fortunately, all my friend came
unfortunately, my best friend does't come
fortunately, my others friend gave me present.
I wake up from my sleep lazily,
Suddenly I remembered our date,
I take my bath slowly,
I drived my car car carefully,
My feelings nervously,
I looked your smile very sweet and lovingly...


We went out for a meal last Saturday
Unfortunately, traffic jam
Fortunately, have a police traffic to control
Unfortunately, our car have broke down
Fortunately, it was settle
Unfortunately, restaurant closed
Fortunately, other restaurant opened.


We went out for a meal last Saturday
Unfortunately, traffic jam
Fortunately, have a police traffic to control
Unfortunately, our car have broke down
Fortunately, it was settle
Unfortunately, restaurat closed
Fortunately, other restaurant opened

Thursday, February 19, 2009

One day, I went to the Market,
unfortunately, there have a big dog,
fortunately, it's was in cage,
unfortunately, the cage suddenly open,
fortunately the dog did't came out,
unfortunately my wallet drop in front of the dog,
fortunately the dog did't saw me.....
hello friends.. don`t forget the language inglish camp on this sunday. i want ask about scrap book. we write or taip? who know about this, answer please.. thanks

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

early morning

i make up for a sleep.
sundenly, it began to semmons to prayer.
unfortunately, i regardless a midnight prayer.
fortunately, i`m not regardless 'subuh'.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

gOOd moRniNG

wELcOmE to oUr bLOg


I went for a walk in the park on Sunday.

Unfortunetly, I'm forget that I have promised with my old friend to watching theater together.

Fortunately, she don't mind.

Unfortunately, I'm feel guilty with her.

Fortunately, she apologize me and we are decided to watch theater next time.

Unfortunately, after that I can't going anywhere because I and my family will moved.

Fortunately, she promised with me that we will meet after I come back anytime.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I have a dream by Weslife

I have a dream,
a song to sing
To help me cope with anything
If you see the wonder,
of a fairy tale
You can take the future
even if you failI believe in angels,
Something good in everything I see,
I believe in angels,
When I know the time is right for me.
I'll cross the stream,
I have a dreamI have a dream,
a fantasy,
To help me through reality,
And my destination makes it worth the while
Pushing through the darknessstill
another mile
I believe in angels,
Something good in everything
I seeI believe in angels,
When I know the time is right for meI'll cross the stream
- I have a dream
I have a dream,
a song to sing
To help me cope with anything
If you see the wonder,o
f a fairy taleYou can take the future,
even if you failI believe in angels,
Something good in everything I seeI believe in angels
.When I know the time is right for me
I'll cross the streamI have a dream
I'll cross the streamI have a dream

a word

trespass ... ... to go onto someone's land or enter their building without permission. eg: I hope this is a public footpath. I don't want to be accused of trespassing on someone's land.

Friday, February 13, 2009


gud morning....
have a nice day....

ForTuNatEly Vs UnfOrtUnateLY

i went for a walk in the park on Sunday...
unfortunately,my car broken suddenly...

it was my birthday last week...
fortunately,i got many present from my family and my friends...

we went out for a meal last Saturday...
unfortunately,it began to rain...

there was a really good film on Tv last night...
fortunately,i go back at the home...

i always remember that..

Went i drive the car...
i always slowly...
went i remember about tragically...
suddenly i fell very nervously..

2 years ago...
i eccident with the car...
God very lovingly with me..
i safe from accident...

went i drive the car...
i will carefully...
because my family very lovingly me...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

First Day At UKM....

I walked with my mother slowly,

I met you suddenly,

You talked with me happily,

You told me about the class clearly,

I found the tutorial class quickly,

My mother said goodbye to me lovingly,

I felt sadly,

I determined with my determination to study seriously,

To get what I hoped especially.

Thank you......... :)