Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tips For Exam - How To Score 100%

There are some tips for the students:

1:- Read the board question paper: Don’t start your paper just after receiving it, first read it carefully, give little time.

2:-Random or Sequence: Some students attempts paper serial wise, its good but if you don’t know a particular question don’t attempt it and mark that one with it as un attempted. It is advised to attempt only those in which you are more confident. This will not only save your time but also make you confident and minimize your stress as well.

3:-There would be some students who are still not feeling confident; those students are advised to try to find out the main root of your problem before the examination. Why are you not confident and try to solve that?

4:-In case of too much stress the best and simple solution is to shut down your eyes and take deep breaths.

5:-Don’t waste your time in solving repeated questions and use your time effectively.

6:-Try to take balanced diet and avoid UN healthy food.

7:-Those who are already tense and in taking too much stress should not cut down their sleep. As healthy Body, healthy mind

8:-Don’t fear: don’t fear with exams rather, board exams are not different; these are just like your school exams. Just do your best and don’t worry for your results. Prepare for the next without worrying for the past one.

9:-Exercises and yoga: there are some yoga exercises for those who are tense and taking stress. Students should practice these yoga exercises to deal with this problem.

10:-Check your Examination material: before leaving for the exam check for all your important things like pen, pencil, board roll number etc.

11:-Planning: proper planning is required for the board examination to score 100%. So plane it before the examination.



  1. very interesting because everyone want to score full marks. We must to careful in exam. I hope everyone success in life and don't forget madam Pn Hasni.

  2. Assalamualaikum. I hope you all are pink of health.Firstly,I want to thank to you all about the useful technique on how to get excellent result in exam..I hope we're success in our exam and don't forget to use this useful technique to get a excellent result!