Sunday, April 12, 2009

Assalamualaikum and hello to my teacher and my friends

I'm very nervous about my exam. I don't prepare about study because I'm busy with my assignment. I don't know when my assignment can finish. I'm so worried about that. But now I'm continue to finish my assignment. I must finish my assignment quickly.........

Here, I hope you all to advice me How to organise my time to study for final exam....


  1. salam cool...:)
    You can do it. finish your assignment quickly, then you can focus you final exam. I have a must make a time table or planner to organise your time. you must try finished your work as you can by the period you was give. Try your is the best student. that's why you is here....UKM.
    Good Luck Friend....

  2. Do it one by one. I know you can do it by yourself.
    Don't be nervous, it is normal feel for exam. The important thing is you must study and pray. Anyway,wish you all the best!