Tuesday, April 7, 2009

love vs marriage

Before marriage:-
He:yes! i'v been waiting for this moment.
She:do you want to leave me?
He:Oh no! Dun even think about it!
She:Do you love me?
He:Of course! Over n over..
She:Have you ever Cheated on me?
He:No! why are you even asking that?
She:Will you kiss me?
He:Every chance i get.
She: Will you hit me?
He: Are you crazy? im not that kind of person
She:Can i trust you?
He: yes.
She: Darling

After marriage:-
Just read it from bottom ti top.....


  1. What to Do AFTER the Exam

    Once the morning exam is over and you've left the exam room, spend 10 minutes or so of your lunch break writing notes to yourself about what you were good at and what you weren't. Don't attempt to recall the exam questions (you won't have time). Instead, just jot down generalizations, e.g., "Good at all highway problems. Need more work on foundation walls." Also make note of any references you should have brought but didn't. Repeat the process after the afternoon exam. This process has two advantages. First, it helps calm your nerves during the lunch break--gives you something constructive to do. Second, knowing what areas you are weak in helps you prepare again, in the event you don't pass. You won't get your results for four months. By then, you'll have long forgotten which areas you needed to review and/or which references you should've brought.

    Enjoy your favorite beverage. You've earned it!

  2. ha3...so funny but it's seem true...when we are in love every just like paradise....but when get married everything change...hmmm