Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fortunately / unfortunately

3) we went out for a meal last sunday

unfortunately: I'm don't have a car
fortunately: my friends come to my house and bring me out
unfortunately: i' m so sad because the stall close
fortunately: but i and friends still happy and enjoy because we go to shopping complex

4) There was a really good film on TV last night

unfortunately: today i'm so tired and i'm have many work
fortunately: but i'm take a few minutes for watch tv
unfortunately: suddenly,black out
fortunately: after a few minutes, i continue the film again

Fortunately / unfortunately

1) I went for a walk in the park on sunday
unfortunately: the park full of car and people
fortunetely: Imeet my teacher
unfortunately: but my teacher not saw me
fortunately: and i'm came to her and after that we go to restaurant
2) It was my birthday party last week
unfortunately: my birthday don't have any party
fortunately: but everyone remember it
unfortunately: no one gave me present
fortunately: their gave be a wish

Friday, January 30, 2009


(1) I went for a walk in the part on Sunday.
Unfortunately, I got snatch.
Fortunately, someone saw and give a chase to the thief and managed to catch one of them and handed over to the police.

(2) It was my birthday last week.
Unfortunately, at that day, I cannot
celebrate that birthday because I went to a meeting.
Fortunately, at that meeting, I was surprised
by officemate who already prepared
a birthday party for me.

(3) We went out for a meal last Sunday.
Unfortunately, the restaurant was closed.
Fortunately, we go to another restaurant
and having a great dinner.

(4) There was a really good film on last night.
Unfortunately, there was interrupted by someone make noisy.
Fortunately, the guard was there and advice them to not make noisy.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Friday, January 23, 2009

Dapatkan Mesej Bergambar di Sini

Unfortunately/ Fortunately

I went for a walk in the park on Sunday.
Unfortunately, the park full of people.
Fortunately, I found my friends at the park.
Unfortunately, he could not saw me.
Fortunately, I shout at him.
so he can saw me.

It was my birthday last week.
Unfortunately, my birthday don't have any party.
Fortunately, everyone remember it.
Unfortunately, no one gave me a present.
Fortunately, they gave me a wish.

We went out for a meal last Sunday.
Unfortunately, I didn't bring my wallet.
Fortunately, my friends want to spent me.
Unfortunately, the meal that I like has finished.
Fortunately, my friends ordered the meal that better to ate.

There was a really good film on TV last night.
Unfortunately, I have many work to do.
Fortunately, my friends have took it some.
Unfortunately, the film has finished.
Fortunately, my friends has recorded it.
Thanks for my friends.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


(1)I went for a walk in the park on Sunday.
unfortunately, I saw a fierce dog.
fortunately, the owner of the dog was
unfortunately, the dog was agressive.
fortunately, the owner of the dog took
away immediately.

(2)it was my birthday last week.
unfortunately, I forgot my birthday on
date day.
fortunately, my friend was remind me.
unfortunately, I was busy to cellabrate my
fortunately, all my friend gave me so many

(3)we went out for a meal last Saturday.
unfortunately, our car was broken.
fortunately, another friend was coming to
helped us.
unfortunately, his car ran out of petrol.
fortunately, petrol station just near the

(4)There was a really good film on Tv last
unfortunately, Suddenly it was blackout.
fortunately, it was in a few minutes.
unfortunately, the film was finished.
fortunately, I can watch it in internet.

Work for today 22 Jan 2009

I went for a walk in the park on Sunday.
Unfortunately it was a hot day.
Fortunately someone was selling an ice cream.
Unfortunately I lost my wallet.
Fortunately one girl gave me an ice cream.
Unfortunately it is a fake one.


I'm happy to join this group. I hope we will learn more in English..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

nice to meet you all...
we hope we can do better 4 engl.

time is the coin of your life, it is the only coin you have and only you can determine how it will be spent.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


hi.. ladies and gentlemens.... m proud that been invited to join this blog. Moreover, to say the truth 4rm my bottom of my heart .. this is a gud solution 4 us to develop our language. '

HellO fRiEnDs...............

Hai Dear friends,

Hello,I'm very happy joining this blog and I'm sure that the objectives of establishing of this blog will be success.furthermore, this helps to develop our speaking and vocabs.In addition , lets join together to determine our life as good lawyers whom have the capacity to advocate.

Welcome to the Blog..

Hai there..
How are you..
Hope you are all fine..
Thanks because accept the invite..
Hope we can discuss about english..
See you next..

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Foundation English..

It's a best way to learn more about English.. ;-)