Friday, January 30, 2009


(1) I went for a walk in the part on Sunday.
Unfortunately, I got snatch.
Fortunately, someone saw and give a chase to the thief and managed to catch one of them and handed over to the police.

(2) It was my birthday last week.
Unfortunately, at that day, I cannot
celebrate that birthday because I went to a meeting.
Fortunately, at that meeting, I was surprised
by officemate who already prepared
a birthday party for me.

(3) We went out for a meal last Sunday.
Unfortunately, the restaurant was closed.
Fortunately, we go to another restaurant
and having a great dinner.

(4) There was a really good film on last night.
Unfortunately, there was interrupted by someone make noisy.
Fortunately, the guard was there and advice them to not make noisy.

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