Thursday, January 22, 2009


(1)I went for a walk in the park on Sunday.
unfortunately, I saw a fierce dog.
fortunately, the owner of the dog was
unfortunately, the dog was agressive.
fortunately, the owner of the dog took
away immediately.

(2)it was my birthday last week.
unfortunately, I forgot my birthday on
date day.
fortunately, my friend was remind me.
unfortunately, I was busy to cellabrate my
fortunately, all my friend gave me so many

(3)we went out for a meal last Saturday.
unfortunately, our car was broken.
fortunately, another friend was coming to
helped us.
unfortunately, his car ran out of petrol.
fortunately, petrol station just near the

(4)There was a really good film on Tv last
unfortunately, Suddenly it was blackout.
fortunately, it was in a few minutes.
unfortunately, the film was finished.
fortunately, I can watch it in internet.


  1. It was my brithday last week.
    unfortunately,I was forget my birthday.
    fortunately,my friends was reminded my brithday and make a party for me.
    unfortunately,I was arriving late at the party.
    fortunately, I'm happy with the party..

  2. Assalam..your idea is interesting and funny. I advice you must careful next time. bye2