Friday, January 23, 2009

Unfortunately/ Fortunately

I went for a walk in the park on Sunday.
Unfortunately, the park full of people.
Fortunately, I found my friends at the park.
Unfortunately, he could not saw me.
Fortunately, I shout at him.
so he can saw me.

It was my birthday last week.
Unfortunately, my birthday don't have any party.
Fortunately, everyone remember it.
Unfortunately, no one gave me a present.
Fortunately, they gave me a wish.

We went out for a meal last Sunday.
Unfortunately, I didn't bring my wallet.
Fortunately, my friends want to spent me.
Unfortunately, the meal that I like has finished.
Fortunately, my friends ordered the meal that better to ate.

There was a really good film on TV last night.
Unfortunately, I have many work to do.
Fortunately, my friends have took it some.
Unfortunately, the film has finished.
Fortunately, my friends has recorded it.
Thanks for my friends.


  1. hello friends have a nice day and happy you soon...

  2. hello friend,so nice about your Fortunately / unfortunately...................okay..bye take care of your self my friend...