Monday, March 9, 2009

I went for a walk in the park on Sunday.
Unfortunately, I fell down into a hole.
Fortunately, someone helped me.
Unfortunately, he took my purse.
Fortunately, a policeman came around and I shouted for help.
Unfortunately, the thief ran away.
Fortunately, the policeman got the thief after 10 minutes and I got back my purse.

It was my birthday last week.
Unfortunately, none of my friends wished to me.
Fortunately, my family celebrated my birthday.
Unfortunately, I got food poisoning.
Fortunately, I met a doctor and he still single.
Unfortunately, he was a gay.
Fortunately, I met someone better than him.

We went out for a meal last Saturday.
Unfortunately, I met my exboyfriend.
Fortunately, he still loved me.
Unfortunately, have one ladies besides him and looked so happy.
Fortunately, she is his sister.
Unfortunately, his sister doesn't like me.
Fortunately, he can console his sister to accept me.

There was a really good film on TV last night.
Unfortunately, it started too late and I'm scared.
Fortunately, my sister want to watched it too.
Unfortunately, our parents not allowed us to sleep too late.
Fortunately, tomorrow is school holiday.
Unfortunately, my TV was damaged.
Fortunately, we have two TV, so we can watched the film.

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